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買不起,送給你:Affordable Art Basel!眾籌計劃(已完結)
Crowdfunding for Affordable Art Basel! (completed)


你是否曾經想像過自己是腰纏萬貫的藝術品藏家,走進Art Basel展場中選購心儀的藝術品?

「買不起,送給你:Affordable Art Basel」是「城市創作實驗室」在2014年發起的藝術計劃。我們邀請公眾參與,把參加者免費帶進Art Basel 2014這個年度買賣會,選擇最想據為己有的一件藝術品。然後把該件藝術品的相關資料,包括金錢價值填寫在「欲望回條(Form of Desire)」裡。我們共收回27張欲望回條。

現在,我們正籌辦「買不起,送給你:藝術巴塞爾」的第二部份,邀請27位香港藝術家,將隨機與這些欲望回條配對,在「回應」參加者欲望的大前提下,創作一件藝術品送給去年因這計劃而踏進Art Basel 2014的藝術愛好者。

《買不起,送給你:Affordable Art Basel!》計劃,既探討與介入Art Basel降臨香港後的藝術世界(Art World)狀況,也希望針對有關藝術的價值、可轉換性、功能等備受爭議的概念,引發討論和新的論述場域。運作這計劃所需的資金不算多,我們希望能讓參與其中的藝術家和一切勞動者,都能獲取基本的工作酬勞,故特此利用Fringebacker平台,向公眾籌措為此目標而需的細小金額。

計劃需要至少9.5 – 11萬元的經費,才可實行。我們有幸獲得香港藝術發展局資助其中的$80100,但尚欠至少$15000。你的慷慨捐助,可以幫助達成多個關鍵項目,包括藝術家創作經費、行政費用、印刷品製作、展覽佈置及物料等等。


有關《買不起,送給你:Affordable Art Basel!》計劃及參與藝術家


  1. 預展及論壇:在3月14日,Art Basel 2015期間進行。多位參與計劃的藝術家同場探討如何藉此次「惡搞」,把藝博會轉化成一個在公共領域交流的藝術教育契機
  2. 買不起、送給你:Affordable Art Basel!展覽:7月31日 - 8月9日假賽馬會創意藝術中心L0畫廊舉行,展出藝術家們構想及創作的這27件藝術品及跟本計劃相關的文件。
  3. 出版:在展覽過後,出版500本展覽圖錄,記錄整個計劃和相關的藝術討論,並派發予相關朋友及團體。

*We have successfully reached the crowdfunding target. Thank you very much for your support!*

Affordable Art Basel! is an art project initiated by Hong Kong Urban Laboratory in 2014. Public participants were invited to the Art Basel Hong Kong for free, and were asked to select an artwork that they wanted to own most as if they were affluent buyers and collectors. Participants filled in information about the artworks, including their monetary value, in reply slips called ‘Forms of Desire’. We received a total of 27 forms.

Now we are in the midst of rolling out Part 2 of the Affordable Art Basel! project, in which we will line up 27 local artists and match them with the Forms of Desire randomly. The artists will address participants’ desires by creating artworks for them.

The Affordable Art Basel! project seeks to examine and intervene in the ‘post-Art Basel’ art world in Hong Kong, prompting discussions about artistic value, reversibility and functionality. The project operates on modest resources, and it is our hope that all participating artists and contributors are rewarded for their endeavours. For this purpose, we wish to raise funds through the FringeBacker crowdfunding platform.

The Affordable Art Basel! project requires at least $95000 to $110000 to be implemented. While we have obtained a project grant of $80100 from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, we are still $15000 short of necessary costs. Your kind support will contribute immensely to the accomplishment of key items, including artists' expenses of producing artworks, administrative expenses, production of printed materials, exhibition set-up, materials and others.

Please support the project at Fringebacker!

Read more about Affordable Art Basel! and participating artists

Project timeline

  1. Public forum: held on 14 March during Art Basel Hong Kong 2015. Participating artists discussed how they took an art fair to create a moment for art pedagogy for people to share and exchange ideas in the public realm.
  2. Affordable Art Basel! exhibition: to be held at L0 Gallery of JCCAC from July 31 to August 9 2015, showcasing the 27 artworks by participating artists and related documents throughout the project
  3. Publication: 500 copies of Affordable Art Basel! exhibition catalogue documenting this project

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