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The Trail: Village is Where We Meet (Again)





史嘉茵| 音樂人

《村徑》是MaD 2015項目之一。

日期時間:2015年1月31日4:30pm – 10pm

Tonight we all belong to Village M.

We are residents, or descendants, of the deserted Village M on this island. Only a blessed few have the chance to attend the general assembly of Village M, which is held once every 120 years. In a history dating back ages ago, an M villager once suggested getting together around a century apart, rambling about the past and future of the village as well as of its people. Natural cycles usually go by 120 years, he said, why don’t we do the same? And the others agreed.

What if the village doesn’t exist anymore? No one has ever doubted this. Today on January 31, 2015, the general assembly of Village M has come again. Of course many villagers have already moved out by this time and settled elsewhere, but they are still returning to meet their former neighbours tonight. They never forget their agreement, believing that so long as the village has once been standing, it never ‘ceases to exist’. The place of gathering is the same as before: the open area in front of the temple to the south of the island, a stretch of land once full of possibilities.

Not only are M villagers looking forward to the homecoming tonight, but travellers who stumbled upon here by chance are also returning for fond stories and memories.

So see you at the open space on the island.

Participating Artists
Uncle Hung (Yuen Che Hung)|Storyteller and poet. Also nicknamed Uncle Hung.
Sze Ka Yan | Musician

 The Trail is a part of MaD 2015.

Time and date: 4:30pm –10pm, 31.1.2015

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